🔥 Shop our Summer Sale - $350 any Heavy Duty option! Pickup from our warehouse and save $250 with code “Pickup” 🔥 

Free Shipping • Financing Available • Pay with HSA or FSA

🔥 Shop our Summer Sale - $350 any Heavy Duty option! Pickup from our warehouse and save $250 with code “Pickup” 🔥

Free Shipping • Financing Available • Pay with HSA or FSA

Arctic Blast - Residential

Expected shipping date is 4-6 weeks.

Overbuilt.  That's what you can expect with our next-generation Arctic Blast!  

Industry-leading performance with features including:

  • Heavy Duty 1hp Chiller Unit, Down to 36° (Japanese built)
  • Beautiful Self-Contained Design
  • 40% Larger Interior Basin Than Our XL Tub
  • Simplified Maintenance
  • Dual High-Flow Feature, Delivering 10x More Water Movement!

Our system is perfectly engineered to deliver the cleanest, clearest, and coldest water, whenever you want it!  Overbuilt to withstand the Arizona summers, the Arctic Cold Tub is safe for indoor or outdoor use, requires no special electrical or plumbing, and no setup required! 

The Arctic Blast comes equipped with our 1hp Heavy-Duty Chiller, designed to ensure reliability and durability!  Commercial-Grade, with a minimum temperature of 36°, this is the most powerful chiller on the market!

Includes 12 Month Residential Warranty (warranty void if used in a Commercial Setting).

Do you want a custom vinyl wrap? Includes design and installation
$8,590.00 USD $8,590.00 USD

Included With All Tubs

Powerful Cooling

This Heavy-Duty cooling system is 280% more powerful than our base model, Commercial-Grade, and gets down to 36°! 

Simplified Maintenance

Change your filter in seconds, without turning your system off! Includes a skimmer to catch larger debris.

Plug and Play

Zero setup time! Fill your Blast with a hose and plug it into a standard 120V GFCI outlet!

Improved comfort

Non-Slip padding, additional depth, and slanted backrest, the Blast was designed to provide maximum comfort for any plungers! 40% larger than the Arctic XL!

Advanced Features

Overbuild with the same features of the original Arctic Cold Plunge, we also added a digital control panel for temperature control, a Multi-Color LED Light, and a Dual-Flow Feature, designed for only the most advanced cold plungers!

Standard Features Include
  • 24/7 Overpowered Circulation Pump
  • Ultraviolet Ozone Generator
  • Oversized 20-micron Filtration System
  • Standard Hose-Bib attachment for easy draining (pump fed)
  • Unique plumbing design to maximize the flow rate
  • 1-1/2" PVC Plumbing throughout
  • Spray Foam insulation and wrapped vinyl tubing
  • Lockable, insulated Cover
  • Components Cover
  • 12 Month Warranty
  • Free Shipping
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Additional Information

Dimensions: 84” L x 42” W x 30” D 

Weight: Unit weighs ~550 pounds without water. Ground must be able to handle >2,000 pounds. 

Shipping / Delivery / Installation: Please carefully review our Shipping Policy to understand your options.