🔥 Up to $400 off + 0% financing for 24 months* 🔥

🔥 Up to $400 off + 0% financing for 24 months* 🔥

XCover Protection Plan

$1,099.99 USD
This product cannot be purchased standalone. The best way to buy the correct protection plan is to add XCover product protection when you are viewing the item you want to add protection to.
Price Range
Rem at models  011 1 1

Included with all tubs

24/7 Overpowered Circulation Pump

Ultraviolet Ozone Generator

Oversized 20-micron Filtration System

Standard Hose-Bib attachment for easy draining (pump fed)

Unique plumbing design to maximize the flow rate

1-1/2" PVC Plumbing throughout

Spray Foam insulation and wrapped vinyl tubing

Lockable, insulated Cover

Components Cover

12 Month Warranty

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